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Large Nut Wizard

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Large Nut Wizard

Picks up most black walnuts, sweet gumballs, apple and pear sized fruit, and tennis balls

Buy 1:$58.95 Each
Buy 2:$56.95 Each
Buy 3+:$54.95 Each

Picks up English walnuts, large pecans, read oak, buckeyes, shotgun shells, golf balls, and chestnuts

Our Price: $55.95
Small Nut Wizard

Picks up most acorns, pecans, hickory nuts, bitternuts, hazelnuts/filbernuts, and crab apples

Our Price: $55.95
Extra Small Nut Wizard

Picks up most small acorns, beechnuts, and brass casing (9 mm and up)

Our Price: $59.95
Ammo Nut Wizard

Picks up Chinquapi, pin acorns-beech nuts, and brass casings

Our Price: $52.95